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Zone ALERT is a warning device to ALERT workers and other forklift operators that an area is occupied. It has the ability to count forklifts in and out of an area and keeps the alarms on until the last forklift has left.

Zone ALERT uses photo sensors to detect a reflective marker that is placed on the vehicle. Zone ALERT counts vehicles in and out by detecting this reflective marker. If the left sensor detects first, Zone ALERT adds 1 to the count, if the right sensor detects first, Zone ALERT subtracts 1 from the count ensuring warning devices stay active until the forklift or vehicle exits the zone. 

An image of a Zone Alert control box sitting between two photosensors.



• An occupancy zone warning device,
• Excellent for a one entrance / exit area
• Perfect for a refrigerator, cooler and freezer
• Warns outside that the area is occupied
• Counts vehicles in and out
• Warning device(s) stay on until last vehicle exits

System Includes:

  • Zone ALERT Control Box
  • (2) Photo Sensors
  • Reflective Markers
  • Power Supply


Warning device sold separately.


Limited Occupancy Area