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Why Do Flashing Lights Catch Our Attention?

Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July?   Most Americans catch fireworks at one point or another and no matter our age, we are captivated by them. Mesmerized by the lights and the colors, Americans have chosen fireworks as a way to commemorate and celebrate for many years. Notice that those who don’t love fireworks usually complain about the noise but never the light or the colors. Why is that?

Light is a powerful tool for catching people’s attention because of how our mind processes it. Interestingly, it is the contrast that attracts our mind, not the light itself. According to an article on, “Light attracts the eye as light is energy, and the eye contains energy sensors that are activated by light. As light waves strike the cones and rods in the eye, signals are created and sent back to the brain for processing.” This energy can be experienced at different levels, from looking at the sun to soft candlelight while dining, and our reaction to it varies based on the level of energy.

We also react to the color and brightness of the light. Our minds often associate red with danger but interestingly, the darker colors such as blue and violet have a unique brightness associated with them that can also easily draw attention. Isn’t it fascinating that there are so many aspects to light when trying to draw attention?

At ALERT Safety Products, we took these effects of light into consideration when developing our products. Our Project ALERT is a forklift-activated projector to warn pedestrians in warehouse facilities of oncoming traffic by projecting a customized message into high-traffic potential safety hazard areas. It is activated only by approaching forklifts and there are several models available to accommodate different distances, background colors, and ambient light.

Pedestrians are easily distracted by noise and commotion in a warehouse environment which has led to many forklift accidents. Our mission is to prevent these accidents and keep your facility and workplace safe through our innovative products. Project ALERT’s customized messages on the floor to warn all pedestrian traffic of potential forklift safety hazards can be customized to brightness, color, and message; the message can be flashing to provide the contrast needed to grab attention too. The installation is easy, it runs on low power, and it can be integrated with other ALERT Safety warning devices.

Protecting your employees is our only business and we truly believe that active ALERT Safety Products are the solution to improved workplace safety by turning passive safety products into active alarms. If you have any questions about our products or are looking for forklift safety solutions, please call us at (513) 791-4790, email us, or check out our website to learn more: .