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The Dome Mirror Alert warns pedestrians of oncoming forklift traffic. The system is designed for 4-way, 3-way, or 2-way intersections.

Sensors can be programmed to detect only forklifts, only pedestrians, or both.

Once activated by approaching forklift traffic, the Dome Mirror Alert will flash an LED caution sign with directional arrows pointing towards the oncoming traffic.

The Dome Mirror Alert is available with an optional LED floor light that will flash onto the ground directly below the mirror warning pedestrians of oncoming traffic.


  • 2-Way Intersections
  • 3-Way Intersections
  • 4-Way Intersections
Picture of a Dome Mirror Alert Safety Mirror with a LED caution board lit up as well as a left LED directional arrow.

Mirror alert

Part Number MA-D-36-4-FL

Available in 36″ and 48″ sizes.


  • Adjustable Sensor Range: Up to 60′
  • Approximate Field Width of 12′ at 35′.
  • Sensors can be programmed to activate only on approaching forklift traffic, only pedestrians, or both.
  • Sensors activate only on approaching traffic, they will not activate on forklift or pedestrian traffic leaving the area.
  • The Dome Mirror Alert is powered by a 24VDC 60W power supply that is included with every system.
  • System comes ready to install.


Dome Mirror Alert comes with a 24V auxiliary output that is turned on anytime the mirror is triggered.

This output can be used to power additional warning devices such as:

  • Project ALERT
  • LED Beacons
  • LED Strobe Lights
  • Any other device that can be powered by 24V



4-way intersection

3-way intersection

Blind corner