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LED Line Projector designed to replace painted lines.

Great for creating pedestrian walkways, keep out areas, traffic aisles and more.

Available in Yellow, Red and Green colors.


  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Keep Out Areas
  • Warning Around Machinery
An image of a 80 Watt LED Line Projector

LED Line Projector


  • Projected line length up to 48′
  • Projector line width 3-6″ depending on mounting height
  • Shutters allow for line length reduction if needed
  • 150W Projector plugs into standard 120V outlet
  • Designed for damp, dirty and rugged environments. No moving parts.

System Includes:

  • LED Line Projector
  • Power Supply


A picture of a LED line projected on the ground between two yellow painted lines. Showing the contrast between paint and LED light lines.
A picture of a warehouse worker in a hi-vis vest pulling a pallet jack and walking between two LED lines projected on the ground.
A picture of a warehouse with an LED line projected on the ground.