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Directional LED Caution Sign warns pedestrians of approaching traffic with an LED directional arrow. 


LCS-20 can be used at pedestrians walkways to warn pedestrians of forklift traffic approaching in the aisle.


  • Blind Corners
  • T – Intersections
An illuminated LCS-20 LED Caution Sign

LCS-20 Caution Sign

Part Number LCS-20C


  • Sign measures 10″ x 17″
  • Microwave Sensors have an adjustable range of up to 55′
  • Approximate field width of 12′ at 35′
  • Sensors can be programmed to activate only on approaching forklift traffic, only pedestrians, or both.
  • Sensors activates only on approaching traffic, they will not activate on forklift or pedestrian traffic leaving the area.

System Includes:

  • LCS-20 LED Caution Sign
  • Bi-Directional-Worker-ALERT Control Box
  • (2) Microwave Sensors
  • Power Supply



Bi-Directional-Worker-Alert + LCS20 Caution sign