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How Smart Are You?

We are surrounded by smart technology. There are times when I lament the rapidly changing world and then there are others when I’m relieved that I can entertain 6 kids in the middle of a severe storm. Either way you look at it, smart technology is a part of life – smart cars, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart bands, and even smart glasses!

Microwave technology is used in the world’s data, tv, telegraphs, satellites, and spacecraft communication, it is also used in microwave ovens and in radar technology and shorter. If the movement changes the echo pattern the sensor will respond and switch the light on. At ALERT Safety Products, we have chosen to embrace some of the same smart technology and take our innovative forklift safety solutions to the next level!

Alert Safety Products Sensor Features:

  • Long-range detection (up to 55’).
  • Detects oncoming traffic, not cross-traffic or traffic exiting the area.
  • Detects heavy masses, not pedestrians.
  • Sensors can also be programmed to detect pedestrians.
  • Separate sensor setting fields for pedestrians and equipment.



  • Sensors scan for directional traffic and trigger a flashing warning light/virtual sign when it’s detected.
  • Project ALERT images project directly down on the floor and are easily visible to both forklift drivers/operators and pedestrians.
  • Lights/signs turn off when traffic is clear, and sensors continue scanning for activity.
  • Detects traffic and warns of collisions.
  • Reduce incidents of human error causing cargo/ truck/ dock damage.
  • Reduce potential injury to workers.

We believe that ALERT Safety Products are the solution to improved workplace safety by turning passive safety products into active alarms. If you have any questions about our products or are looking for forklift safety solutions, please call us at (513) 791-4790, email us, or check out our website to learn more: .