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Line ALERT is a great alternative to painting and taping lines on the floor. Our line of projectors can be used to create safe walkways and keep out areas. Our projectors can also be set up to flash when a forklift is approaching to warn workers in the area.


Part Number 3G-LAS


Typical Applications

  • Classification 3r
  • Available colors: Green or Red
  • Wavelength: Green 520nm Red 638nm
  • Rated Life: 20,000 hours, lifespan is greatly increased if activated with sensor
  • Operating Temperature range -14F to 140F
  • Ideal mounting height: Typically no higher than 20’ but varies widely based on floor conditions and ambient light levels
  • Line Width: Typically, 1 to 3 inches depending on mounting height and line distance
  • Create pedestrian walkways
  • Keep out areas around machinery
  • Keep out areas around workstations close to active forklift aisles
  • Keep out areas around crane bays

Projected line is approximately 3 times the mounting height of the Line ALERT. A line ALERT mounted at 20 feet produces an approximately 60 foot long line. Line ALERT has shutters to reduce line length if necessary.