The Line ALERT Floor Lighting & Warning System will project a virtual laser line on floors. It can be used to replace conventional taped or painted lines, or it can be activated by our forklift sensors to flash when a forklift is approaching to warn workers in the area.

Typical Applications

  • Warning at Pedestrian Walkways
  • Warning around Machinery
  • Warning at Work Stations close to forklift aisles
  • Warning in Crane Bays


  • Classification 3r
  • Available colors: Green or Red
  • Wavelength: Green 520nm Red 638nm
  • Rated Life: 20,000 hours, lifespan is greatly increased if activated with sensor
  • Operating Temperature range -14F to 140F
  • Ideal mounting height: Typically no higher than 20’ but varies widely based on floor conditions and ambient light levels
  • Line Width: Typically 1 to 3 inches depending on mounting height and line distance

Protecting your employees is our only business. We also provide additional products and forklift warning systems.