At ALERT Safety, we're continuously improving and innovating forklift warning technology. Office ALERT warns workers that a forklift is approaching before they exit an office door and step into an active forklift aisle. It will flash CAUTION and a directional arrow when a forklift is approaching.

  • LED display will flash CAUTION with an arrow indicating the direction a forklift is approaching from
  • Sensors have an adjustable range to provide a 2 to 4 second advance warning
  • Our Forklift Warning Systems can be custom designed to meet your needs at each area
  • The Office Alert is activated only by approaching forklifts
  • Not activated by pedestrians or forklifts exiting the area
  • The Office Alert can be used with our Mirror ALERT or other ALERT products.
  • Our systems are low power, low voltage and easy to install
  • Small LED display is 6" tall, 10" wide and 1.5" deep.

Forklift Warning Systems are our only business. Your employees' safety makes good business sense. Call or email today, for more information.

Office ALERT