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The Project ALERT is designed to warn pedestrians of approaching forklift traffic at dangerous corners and pedestrian walkways.

When the sensor is activated by an approaching forklift, the projector will flash a bright CAUTION image onto a walkway or wall.

Multiple power levels available for various ambient light levels.


  • Blind Corners
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • 2-Way Intersections
  • 3-Way Intersections

Project Alert

Part Number FSP-60C


  • The projector can be activated by forklifts only, pedestrians only, or both
  • Not activated by pedestrians or forklifts exiting the area
  • Several models accommodate different distances, background colors and ambient light
  • Flashing message can be customized
  • Image can be projected on floor or wall
  • Easy installation; low power 50,000 hour LED; 24VDC & 120VAC

Project Alert can be integrated with our other products.

  • Mirror Alert
  • Directional Worker Alert
  • Bi-Directional Worker Alert


We can design a warning system with multiple projectors, sensors and warning devices for any problem area.


Standard images

Custom Images

Virtual Walkways



3 - way intersection