Sensor detects approaching forklift traffic, turning a passive mirror into an active alarm. Our Dome Mirror ALERT is available with an optional flashing LED floor spot light.

MA-D-36-4-FL (MSRP: $5,500.00 USD)

  • System comes ready to install
  • Sensors can be set to only activate by approaching forklifts, only pedestrians, or both
  • Sensors activate only on approaching traffic, they will not activate on forklift or pedestrian traffic leaving the area.
  • Mirrors can integrate with other ALERT warning devices
  • We can configure a system to meet your needs in any area of concern

Mirror ALERT System

Mirror ALERT Systems

Project ALERT

Forklift Activated Projector

Warns pedestrians of approaching forklift traffic by flashing a bright CAUTION image onto the ground or wall.

Part Number FSP-40C

  • Sensors can be set to only activate by approaching forklifts, only pedestrians, or both
  • Flashing message can be customized
  • Image can be projected on floor or wall
  • Projectors integrate with other ALERT Safety warning devices
  • Several models accommodate different distances, background colors and ambient light

Forklift Safety Projector

Warns pedestrians of approaching forklifts, with a flashing LED Caution and directional arrow.

Office Alert, 6˝ x 10˝—Small LED display for offices and doorways; warns pedestrians of approaching forklift, before they step into the active Forklift aisle.

Part Number OA-10C (MSRP: $1,850.00 USD)

  • LED display will flash CAUTION with an arrow indicating the direction a forklift is approaching from
  • Sensors have an adjustable range to provide a 2 to 4 second advance warning
  • Our Forklift Warning Systems can be custom designed to meet your needs at each area
  • Our systems are low power, low voltage and easy to install

Office ALERT

Office ALERT


The Line ALERT Floor Lighting & Warning System will project a virtual laser line on floors. It can be used to replace conventional taped or painted lines, or it can be activated by our forklift sensors to flash when a forklift is approaching to warn workers in the area.

Typical Applications
  • Warning at Pedestrian Walkways
  • Warning around Machinery
  • Warning at Work Stations close to forklift aisles
  • Warning in Crane Bays