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Alert Safety products FAQ'S

Do you custom design your systems to meet our specific safety needs / concerns?

Yes. Most of our solutions are straight forward involving a 3-way intersection or blind corner. However, each solution we provide can be tailored to your specific warehouse or plant layout. We work closely with your team to make sure our solution solves your safety needs at each specific area.

How long has Alert Safety Products been in business?

Since 2004. Alert Safety started out with a request to build a forklift warning system, that alerted operators, that they were about to drive a high-mast forklift into a low-bay door. We have continued to work closely with our customers to develop and provide forklift warning systems to protect employees and make the facility safer place to work.

Can the Mirror ALERT and Project ALERT systems work together as one unit for an entire area of concern?

Yes. Our systems are designed to work independent or with other Alert Safety Products. Oftentimes, our customers install the Mirror ALERT and Project ALERT in the same area using the same sensors. This provides maximum safety warning for pedestrians workers and forklift operators.

Are your products easy to install?

Yes, our systems are low voltage/low power and installed by the customer. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each system purchased. We work closely with you/install team (or your installer) to make sure our systems are installed and working properly to maximize pedestrian safety.

What are your product warranties?

Our products come with a one (1) year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship, based on normal usage.