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Business Spring Cleaning Check List!

Here in the midwest, it has been a very long winter, so we are really ready for spring! Spring is a beautiful season for so many reasons but mostly because it is time for change. We see new colors, new flowers, and new beginnings. Many use this as a time to start over or revamp both in life and business which is well-known as an annual Spring Cleaning. Do you do spring cleaning?

Social media is inundated with checklists for spring cleaning your home and your yard but how about your business?

  • Freshen Up Your Website. Is your information current? Has anything changed in your products or services?
  • Update Your Business Plan. Have your goals, structure, or assets changed?
  • Freshen Up Your Marketing Strategies. Are you reaching the right target market?
  • Organize Your Inbox. If you’re like most people, you have an overflowing email inbox that is completely disorganized. Why not create some folders and start cleaning out the clutter?
  • Wipe Down Your Goals. That’s right! Have you already completed your goals? Have they changed? Wipe them right off that board and update them with new targets.
  • Declutter The Office. Look around you. Do you see anything you have used this year? Do you have any outdated equipment you just didn’t want to let go of? Well, it’s time. Let it go!

These are just a few ideas for general business spring cleaning. Most of our clients and readers are facility or safety managers though, so let’s take a look at a few ideas for deep cleaning in that arena.

For warehouse Spring Cleaning, we suggest the following:

  • Review all safety policies and laws, especially those concerning forklift maintenance and operation. Are there any new laws or updated regulations? Are you in compliance?
  • Check that all signage or safety systems are visible and in working order. Are the lightbulbs working? Are the batteries fresh? How about that paint or tape on the floor? Don’t forget that with our Project ALERT, you will never have to worry about paint or tape again.
  • Survey employees. Ask your employees if they have any safety concerns. Often, they will see things that the office staff might not see since they are on the front lines. This input can be invaluable when planning the placement of forklift safety products. Our Dome Mirror ALERT has sensors that detect approaching forklift traffic, turning a passive mirror into an active alarm. This might be a great solution to dangerous forklift crossing areas identified by your employees. Our Dome Mirror ALERT is also available with an optional flashing LED floor spotlight.
  • Create a checklist for all the cleaning or maintenance tasks. Do you have forklift equipment or other warehouse equipment? Consider bringing in professionals to perform a check-up and audit safety procedures around the equipment.
  • Recognize when a cleaning or maintenance job is better handled by cleaning and maintenance professionals. Working daily in a cluttered or neglected environment will cause morale to plummet, which hinders productivity. Avoid this unnecessary frustration by taking appropriate action, either by assigning a couple of employees to the task or calling a professional to fix the problem.

Spring cleaning is a great time to revitalize your safety products and plan with proactive solutions to keep your environment safer thus keeping your most valuable assets, your employees, safer! We truly believe that Active ALERT Safety Products are the solution to improved workplace safety by turning passive safety products into active alarms. If you have any questions about our products or are looking for forklift safety solutions, please call us at (513) 791-4790, email us, or check out our website to learn more: