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Are You Ready for Vacation?

It’s summertime! Time for trips to the lake, lazy pool days, golf outings, grilling out, baseball games, beach days, and vacation. No wonder employees struggle to stay focused this time of year. Everyone takes safety seriously but even the best employees are guilty of daydreaming from time to time, especially when they are tucked away in the warehouse on a beautiful sunny day. So, what can you do to prevent that?

Here are a few tips we’ve collected to help keep warehouse employees engaged:

  • Be a role model – Encourage your supervisors to set the example of focus and motivation. If the boss is out to lunch, you can be assured employees will feel entitled to a little daydreaming.
  • Keep the work environment positive – Drive the focus away from what is good outside and focus on what is going well inside the factory.
  • Offer opportunities for advancement – Most people are motivated by the opportunity to better themselves and their position. Offer training and resources to prepare employees for advancement opportunities.
  • Provide rewards and recognition – Consider attendance awards, recognition of days without accidents, or company picnic based on achieving safety goals.

There is no magic wand to stop daydreaming employees on beautiful summer days even with all these in place though. We can put active safety measures in place designed to alert them in time to prevent accidents. Most warehouses are required to put certain safety measures in place to avoid accidents but many of them are passive. For example, mirrors are fantastic tools to detect blind spots as long as employees remember to look for them. What if that passive mirror was turned into an active alarm and sensor to detect approaching forklift traffic? Our Dome Mirror ALERT is available with an optional flashing LED floor spotlight. Imagine your employee is walking through the facility, half-focused on the latest productivity reports and half-focused on their trip to the lake in 3 days, they might forget to check the forklift crossing but they WILL notice a flashing light in the mirror.

Our Dome Mirror ALERT is one of many products we offer to turn passive forklift safety equipment into active alerts. We truly believe that active ALERT Safety Products are the solution to improved workplace safety by turning passive safety products into active alarms.

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