A History of Safety Technology and Success

What We Do

ALERT Safety Products designs and manufactures innovative Forklift Warning Systems for manufacturing plants. We use microwave sensors to detect forklifts and other vehicles as they approach intersections, blind corners and doors. The system will give a two-to-four second advance warning for pedestrians and other forklift operators at the critical area. Other warning devices include active LED mirrors, LED directional signs, small LED directional signs for offices, LED beacons, audible alarms and voice alarms.

The warning system will not activate on pedestrians or forklifts traveling away from the area. Each system is custom-designed to meet traffic needs at a particular area. The system is low voltage, low power and easily installed by the customer.

Company History

ALERT Safety’s roots began with a request to build a system warning forklift operators that they were about to drive a high-mast forklift into a low-bay door. This evolved into a Directional Worker Alert product that is used to warn that forklifts are approaching at blind corners, doors and intersections.

Over the years ALERT Safety developed new products such as the LED Caution signs, Mirror Alert, Project ALERT and other products that use microwave sensor technology to detect forklifts and other Powered Industrial Vehicles at critical areas. We continue to make improvements to our Forklift Warning Systems and add new products based on our customers’ needs.

Company Vision

It is our goal to design, manufacture and market products to improve workplace safety and efficiency. We listen to customers and use their feedback to develop new products and systems.