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Forklift & Pedestrian Warning Systems

Our Forklift & Pedestrian Warning Systems can help prevent accidents in your workplace.

Since 2004 Alert Safety Products has designed and Manufactured forklift & pedestrian warning systems for manufacturing plants and warehouses. 

Nearly all facilities have one or more of the following problem areas:

  • Hazardous Intersections
  • Blind Corners
  • Narrow Aisles
  • Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
  • Busy Loading Docks
Our products are carefully designed to mitigate these safety risks and enhance safety within the workplace. We understand that every facility has unique safety concerns, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Forklift Warning Systems Ensure Safety and Improve Profits

What is your company’s first priority? Your employees, of course. Every employee expects to work in a safe environment, and go home to their family at night. Every business depends on the health and safety of its workers. The most successful businesses take pride in caring for their employees’ general health and well-being.

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