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Safety Challenges

Safety Challenges Cause Painful Problems

Historically, employee health and safety programs define employee safety and well-being efforts in the workplace. These programs typically focus on:

  1. Identifying risk situations, such as inherent hazards or challenging work situations
  2. Taking steps to mitigate those risks (training in safety procedures and drills, protective equipment, etc.)

These program measures are extremely important. Just as important are the key issues and areas where accidents or injuries are most likely. Each year, OSHA reports there are nearly 100,000 forklift accident related injuries in the United States; nearly 100 result in fatalities.

We’re in the Prevention Business: A Consultative Approach

Besides accidents and injuries, businesses can be fined millions of dollars. From CEOs and warehouse managers to forklift operators and pedestrians, safety is everyone’s priority.

At ALERT Safety Products, our consultative services follow a proven process. We understand customer challenges, review and assess the best safety strategy, and design and implement a forklift warning system. Our consultative approach promises to meet client needs. We can solve existing and potential problems, and prevent workplace safety issues—benefiting clients’ profitability and improving employee safety.

Is your company at risk?