ALERT Safety Products

Forklift Warning Systems
Left: Guy on Forklift, Right: Blinking Caution Sign

Advance Workplace Safety with Safety-Advanced Products

ALERT Safety Products designs and manufactures innovative Forklift Warning Systems for manufacturing plants. With our technology-advanced products (see About Us), your ROI results in improved employee safety. Combining microwave sensors and LED warning displays, our custom-designed products:

  1. Create advanced warning systems
  2. Prevent potential problems and accidents
  3. Enhance overall worker safety
  4. Lower the number/severity of Worker’s Compensation claims
  5. Increase worker health and sense of well-being

ALERT Safety engineers are continually studying challenges and identifying problems—now and for the future—in the workplace. Our line of product offerings meets specific industry needs, solving and improving safety problems, while saving companies money—directly improving their bottom line.

Directional Worker Alert
Using Microwave Sensor technology, warns pedestrians and forklift operators of approaching vehicles at two, three and four-way intersections.
Part Number DWA-MW-2

Mirror Alert Systems -26˝ or 36˝ and Mirror Alert Domes, 36˝ or 48˝

Sensor detects approaching forklift, turning passive mirror into an active alarm. Dome mirrors available with optional flashing LED floor spot light.
Part Number MAD-36-4-FL

LED Caution Sign

Warns pedestrians of approaching forklifts, with a flashing LED Caution and directional arrow. Office Alert, 6˝ x 10˝—Small LED display for offices and doorways; warns pedestrians of approaching forklift, before they step into the aisle.
Part Number LCS-20

Zone Alert
Photo sensor system warns workers and other forklift operation that an area is occupied. Counts forklifts in and out of an area, keeping the alarms on until the last forklift has left.
Part Number – ZA-MW-2

Limit Alert
Limits the speed of the forklift as it enters and exits a specific manufacturing area.
Part Number LA-BI

Crane Alert
Microwave sensors detect the overhead crane on approach, warning pedestrians and forklift operators.

Dock Alert
Warns pedestrians and other drives that a forklift is inside the trailer.

Range Alert
Measures the distance of forks in the pallet to prevent load tipping and damaged goods.