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Forklift Warning Systems

Forklift Warning Systems Ensure Safety and Improve Profits

What is your company’s first priority? Your employees, of course. Every employee expects to work in a safe environment, and go home to their family at night. Every business depends on the health and safety of its workers. The most successful businesses take pride in caring for their employees’ general health and well-being.

There are also compelling economic issues to consider. Workers’ compensation claims and other direct costs related to on-the-job injuries totaled $53.42 billion in the U.S. in 2008.1 Estimates of associated indirect costs, expenses associated with rehiring and retraining and losses in productivity, run as high as 4.5 times the amount of the direct costs.2 I’s estimated that for every $1 spent on safety programs, $3 or more is saved.3

ALERT Safety Products: Improving Workplace Safety is no Accident

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, ALERT Safety Products is the industry leader in forklift warning systems. ALERT Safety provides one-of-a-kind, American-made product designs and consultative services that meet customer needs and wants.

Leveraging proven results in the marketplace, the company is built on three distinctive levels of expertise:

  1. Products. Product advancements and designs are superior in the industry, distinguishing the company in our market.
  2. Meeting Customer Challenges. ALERT Safety has succeeded because we listen to the customer; their challenges are consistently and completely met
  3. Savings in Safety. We can save companies money, time, lost production—and improve employee safety and sense of well-being.

Does your company promote safety, trust and morale? Do you want to change your company, giving employees a sense of “safety psyche”?